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14 Times Indian Ads Were The Absolute Worst In 2016

Why did we have to bring back the Airtel girl, tho?

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1. When a brand came up with this unnecessarily sexist hoarding.

2. When we took our ultimate revenge against the British.

3. When Hrithik Roshan did his weird laundry dance to replace the Nirma girl.

4. When we were given this strange offer while standing in ATM queues.

5. When this Chennai plastic surgery clinic set odd beauty standards.

6. When this became the brand new face of Indian telecom.

7. When this realtor came up with a ridiculously classist offer.

8. When this clipping made a terrible case for boner pills.

Times of India

9. When they needlessly reinforced the stereotype that women love shopping.

10. Again...

11. ... And again.

12. When Tamil Nadu's biggest political parties used the SAME old woman in their campaign ads.


13. When this noodle-like mess of cultural appropriation, letching and cross-dressing happened in one ad.

14. And when this annoying little brat returned.