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Here's The Perfect Response To People Encouraging Victim Blaming By Asking "What Were You Wearing?"

You might want to use this the next time someone asks you that.

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It's not new for women to be objectified by men on a regular basis and even to be blamed for our own harassment.

After being constantly asked, "What were you wearing?", Supari Studios’ channel, Vitamin Stree, recently released a video with the perfect response, using a poem written by Gaya Lobo Gajiwala.

Tara Kapur, head of content at Supari Studios told BuzzFeed, "This has been the same question we have been hearing every time a woman goes through something like this. We saw it with the Bangalore attacks as well and it was something every woman could relate to, which is why we chose to release this video around Women's Day."

It brings up the uncomfortable male gaze that women are subjected to...

And how immune we have become to the invasive looks we get from them.

We all know that familiar stern look we've had to throw at strange men when it happens.

And the exasperated shaking of the head every time we narrate a story, and someone asks us, "What were you wearing?"

The poem, however, comes to the most disturbing and perfect response to the question:

If you're just as fed up as the rest of us are, watch this video:

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