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    A Twitter Poll About The Worst Celeb Break-Ups Led To Hilariously Heartbreaking Replies

    These people clearly were losing their faith in real love like I have.

    It's a sad year for people who believe in love. First, we lost this stellar couple from heaven.

    Manpreet Romana / AFP / Getty Images

    Then, we lost Brangelina causing us to worry about where love is gone.

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    Earlier today, MissMalini posted this poll on Twitter asking people to tell them which celebrity break-up affected them the most.

    But, Twitter had their own woes to cry about.

    Some were more concerned about Salman Khan's bodyguard.

    Some referenced old memes.

    Some were still not over some Indian TV break-ups.

    Some had their priorities straight tbh.

    Some wept for world history.

    Some wounds went deep and right into the feels.


    The petty train wouldn't stop.

    Some were a lot more pragmatic about this question.

    Some were just out to bash the poll-makers.

    To be fair, MissMalini also acknowledged the proportions to which this innocent question blew up.

    Just another day on the Indian internet.


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