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Twinkle Khanna Had The Most Lukewarm Response To Akshay Kumar's Sexist Comment On Mallika Dua

"Words, especially humour, has to be seen in its right context."

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Earlier this week, a clip of Akshay Kumar passing this comment on Mallika Dua from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge went viral:

After the clip went viral, Dua highlighted the need to reconsider appropriate behaviour at the workplace.

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In light of the incident, people questioned why Twinkle Khanna, a usually vocal feminist, wasn't speaking up against her husband.

Khanna finally responded to the incident saying that Kumar's words "need to be seen in the right context".

Many, however, claimed that she was being hypocritical by not directly calling out her husband's behaviour.

About time we realised that, context aside, making women uncomfortable with tasteless remarks is not cool.


(It's 2017 and we shouldn't have to keep saying that.)