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    30 TV Shows From The ’00s You Should Be Embarrassed You Forgot About

    Bahut saara throwback.

    1. Sanjivani

    Star Plus

    Best part: Whistling along to the theme song and an occasional glimpse of an incredibly hot Mohnish Behl.

    2. Sansani

    Star News

    Best part: Screaming "Sannaate ko cheerti sansani" along with the host.

    3. Baa, Bahoo aur Baby

    Hats Off Productions

    Best part: Gattu innocently asking questions and making you wish for a younger sibling like him.

    4. Fame Gurukul


    Best part: Watching members of the house, including a smol Arijit Singh, fight each other every week for the top spot.

    5. Get Gorgeous

    Channel [V]

    Best part: Literally any makeover episode from the season was great. Or even the America's Next Top Model-like eliminations.

    6. Boogie Woogie


    Best part: This was THE dance reality show before reality shows were a thing. Plus, there was the off-chance of having the joy of watching Javed Jaffrey dance.

    7. Shararat

    Star Plus

    Best part: Watching Jiya quash Pam's dreams of dating Dhruv with Nani's help.

    8. Son Pari

    Star Plus

    Best part: Feeling envy every time Sona aunty came to rescue Frooti for every stupid decision she made. Also, "Ittubittuchimpatoota".

    9. [V] Hotline

    Best part: Among the many song request shows on TV at the time, Hotline stood out because of the faces hosting them. Gaurav Kapur and Purab Kohli were good enough for these men to become thirst icons of their time. MMMMHMMM.

    10. Dill Mill Gayye

    Star One

    Best part: Watching Karan Singh Grover and Jennifer Winget fall in love with each other IRL and on the show, which was a sad rehash of Sanjivani.

    11. Crime Reporter

    Zee News

    Best part: Figuring how oddly the host will say "Chain se sona hai toh jaag jaao" in every episode.

    12. Yeh Meri Life Hai


    Best part: Watching Pooja persist with her dream to become the next Karan Johar despite people calling her a "behenji".

    13. Left Right Left


    Best part: Literally any time Captain Rajveer was on screen.

    14. Khullja Sim Sim

    Star Plus

    Best part: Revelling in the sadistic joy of someone opening a door to a "Tai tai fish".

    15. Oye! It's Friday


    Best part: Watching Farhan Akhtar try very hard to make us laugh.

    16. 8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter


    Best part: Relating to the daughters on the show because of our overprotective Indian parents.

    17. Karishma Ka Karishma

    Star Plus

    Best part: Watching Karishma's annoying neighbours get superrrr confused about her origins.

    18. Kkusum


    Best part: Even if you didn't care about the plot, singing "K-kusum" with the theme song was something you looked forward to.

    19. Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin


    Best part: Constantly wondering what Jassi actually looked like.

    20. Takeshi's Castle


    Best part: Listening to Javed Jaffrey narrate a ton of Japanese people falling over themselves in ridiculous looking tasks.

    21. Clarissa Explains It All


    Best part: Wondering why her friend always came in using the ladder instead of the door. And let's not forget her stellar style statements.

    22. Kamzor Kadii Kaun

    Star Plus

    Best part: Any time someone was kicked off the show for being the worst on the team or just because.

    23. Lakmé Fashion House

    Star One
    Star One

    Best part: They were judged by Donatella Versace. I mean...

    24. Kumkum

    Star Plus

    Best part: Just watching that intro and wondering how her bindi was always round AF despite self-application.

    25. On The Run

    Channel [V]

    Best part: Watching Purab, Anushka and Sarah-Jane conquer (or fail at) some pretty fun tasks while touring through India by road.

    26. That's So Raven


    Best part: Shaking your head and telling yourself you'd be way more careful as a psychic than Raven was.

    27. The Great Indian Laughter Challenge

    Star One

    Best part: Watching the origins of the "Sidhu laugh" and having a soft corner for the host, Parizaad Kolah.

    28. Lizzie McGuire


    Best part: The three-way conversations Lizzie, Gordo and Miranda had waaay before concalls were a norm and the possibility of an animated conscience.

    29. Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai


    Best part: Watching your favourite celebrity's childhood friends come out and expose their idiocies from way back when.

    30. Khichdi

    Hats Off Productions

    Best part: Literally any time Hansa needed a dictionary and sought Praful instead.