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    This Hindu Right-Wing Group Had A Birthday Party For Trump And It Was So Very Weird

    "He is against Islamic terror and we're fans of anyone who is against Islamic terror."

    For the past two days, the Indian internet has had a good laugh at this poster inviting people to a birthday party for US presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

    The party was held on the occasion of Trump's 70th birthday, hosted by the Hindu Sena at the Jantar Mantar in Delhi.

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    The celebrations kicked off with the members screaming their support for Trump.

    At the grand event, there was a three-tier cake...

    People praying for Trump while wearing party hats...


    They even smeared cake on a poster of Donald Trump holding a gun.

    When asked why they were celebrating the birthday, one of the spokespersons said:

    He also had a message for Indians living in the U.S.

    Ah, India. You never fail to amuse.

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