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    15 Times Tiffany Haddish Proved To Be A Treasure We Must Preserve At All Costs

    The world isn't ready for the magic that she is ready to show.

    1. When she told us to stay away from clingy fuckboys.

    2. When she took Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith to a swamp tour and had this hilarious thought.

    3. When she was real about her fashion faux pas.

    4. When she was so excited about her success that she twerked in front of her own movie poster.

    5. When she (and Maya Rudolph) were the best thing about the Oscars...

    6. ...and when, on the same night, she unabashedly said this to Meryl Streep.

    7. When she brought the house down at the VMAs.

    Tiffany Haddish just made me spit out all my tea. Like everywhere. 😂😂😂💀

    8. And did this...

    9. When she flipped after meeting Oprah (as we all would).

    10. When she took Kevin Hart to this ultrasound appointment she got on a Groupon.

    11. When she chased a Pikachu IRL because she was just as into Pokémon Go as the rest of us.

    12. When she could predict the future.

    13. When she did NOT need a man.

    14. When she wasn't diplomatic about her expectations from men.

    15. And when she decided to recycle this Alexander McQueen gown every chance she got because she's a real queen herself.