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This Woman Made A Bearded Harnaam Kaur Barbie Doll As A Way To Defy Beauty Standards

What a time to be alive.

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In November 2015, she started the page Trophy Wife Barbie along the lines of Instagram account, Sociality Barbie.

Facebook: trophywifebarbie

"Trophy Wife Barbie started on the day of her divorce and documents her journey of self-discovery. She has been judged by her appearance and now that her situation has changed (and she’s no longer a wife) she needs to find her identity outside of her label," Hofmeyr told BuzzFeed.

Yesterday, she posted this picture of her Trophy Wife doll with a doll of Harnaam Kaur that she also made.

Facebook: trophywifebarbie

"Trophy Wife Barbie challenges a variety of labels and taboos, from periods and breastfeeding in public to body hair and gender issues. Harnaam Kaur embodies the strength that comes from owning a label you didn’t choose and making it work for her and others," Hofmeyr explained.

Needless to say Kaur herself was super excited about this herself.