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This Kid's Pure AF Apology To Her Best Friend Is What You Need When The World Is Garbage

Weeping rn.

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After regretting the fight, Seeya woke up the next day and asked her mother to send this beautifully penned apology to her best friend, Aarna.

Twitter: @DesireMaze

"'I think I must apologize,' she muttered in a business like serious note, making my jaw drop. I did as was commanded," mom Suruchi told BuzzFeed.

The letter reads:

"Dear Aarna,
I suggest that we could be friends once again? We should not spoil our love for Halloween. Do you want to be friends? Could we do the party again?


The letter reads:

"Dear Seeya,
We will always be friends. No such small things can ever spoil our friendship I would love to plan for the party once again. I think we should get together sometime soon to celebrate Halloween together.
Best wishes,
Aarna Narula."

Suruchi shared the letter on Twitter, melting everyone's hearts at the same time.

So my daughter had a fight with her friend and wrote this and asked me to Whatsapp. In reply another picture was se…

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