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This Is The Story Behind A Massively Viral Photo Being Shared By Thousands

"I started documenting suffering and found beauty in ugliness; happiness in despair; and dreams in suffocation."

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Earlier this week, Akash posted this picture from his book Survivors, and it went hugely viral on Facebook.

In just two days, it has amassed over 18,600 shares on Facebook.

Akash's book is a collection of the photos that he has taken in the past decade during his travels across the subcontinent.

GMB Akash

"It focuses on the people at the bottom of societies – those who must struggle on a daily basis, simply to survive," he told BuzzFeed. "People who live on the margins of society have had a big impact on me and have served as an inspiration for the photographic work I do."

Twenty-five per cent of the proceeds from each book will fund his ongoing projects to help the underprivileged.

"I have engaged in specific projects for certain groups: targeting one family/one slum/one brothel/one area of working children/one particular community and providing help for their long-term improvement," he said. "Already 10 families have been helped through this project."

You can order the book by emailing him at