This Girl Was Asked Out To Prom With "Kuch Kuch Hota Hai" And My Desi Heart Has Exploded

    All my dreams come true.

    These are best friends, Adele Pereira and Keith. They have been friends since they met in middle school in Chicago.

    Adele Pereira

    Pereira, who is an avid Bollywood lover, admits that they have always had a "Rahul-Anjali" from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai vibe going on between them.

    Adele Pereira

    So it was no surprise at all that when Keith asked her out to prom, he did it with "Tum Paas Aaye" from the movie.

    sooo grateful. couldn’t have asked for a better #promposal2018 #prom2k18

    "I really didn’t expect a promposal at all, much less anything this extravagant... Everyone was just happy that they pulled it off without me having a single suspicion beforehand," Pereira told BuzzFeed.

    Adele Pereira

    "My closest friends know I love Bollywood, and one of friends (who I showed the movie to last year) helped him plan chose the song," she added.

    Adele Pereira

    Desi Twitter couldn't handle all the love and adorability of it.

    Contrary to what people might think, the BFFs are not dating.

    Adele Pereira

    "It’s really just a fun thing we decided to do. He has taken me to his homecoming dances and I’ve brought him to mine. So we just decided to go to prom [together]", Pereira told BuzzFeed.


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