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    After A Hostel-Mate's Suicide, This IIT Alum Started A Website That's Helping Thousands Of Students

    "In the digital age, we have several ways to interact and network but very few means to share our emotions."

    This is Richa Singh. When she was a student at IIT Guwahati, her hostel-mate committed suicide under pressure to get a placement.

    Richa Singh

    “None of us had any clue what she was suffering and that would take such a drastic step,” Singh told BuzzFeed. “When I started working, people around me were stressed due to job pressures and relationship issues. However again, most of them were not willing to talk about their problems afraid of social implications and due to the fear of being called mentally ill,” she added.

    In response, Singh founded YourDOST, an online portal that connects users with psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, life coaches, and career guides.


    YourDOST has over 250 support staffers who provide round-the-clock confidential individual sessions via free chat.

    YourDOST hosts over 500 conversations per day, of which 40% are with students and young professionals seeking emotional guidance with academics and careers.


    "We want to become a one stop solution for people's mental and emotional wellness be it personal, professional or academic," she told BuzzFeed. They are also currently we are running a campaign for student ambassadors who think YourDOST would add value to their campus.

    Get in touch with them here.

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