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    A Group Of Friends Is Traveling Across India In Trains And Live-Tweeting The Journey

    Wanderlust-ing real hard right now.

    Meet Rajat Bhargava, Omkar Divekar and Samarth Mahajan.

    Omkar Divekar

    While some of us have trouble making plans for the weekend, this is what they will be doing for the next 16 days.

    So today I embark on a 16 day train journey throughout India with a couple of friends which looks a bit like this.

    The friends, who work together for Mumbai-based production house Camera and Shorts will be taking 10 trains across the country.

    Omkar Divekar / Via Twitter: @MishterApu

    Their journey, which started in Mumbai, will have halts at Okha, Delhi, Katra, Banihal, Baramulla, Dibrugarh, Kanyakumari and Trivandrum, then back to Mumbai.

    On their way, they have also been having some pretty interesting conversations with their co-passengers.

    Translation: "I'd say English is a way to connect with strangers. Whether you're from the Gulf or the US, you can talk to anyone."

    "The idea behind the journey is to simply have an unique experience and also to explore people traveling in the general compartment all over the country," Divekar told BuzzFeed.

    "Agle mahine Dubai jaaunga. Jahaaz pe. 2-3 saal. Paisa kamaunga, sab country ghumunga." "Aur biwi?" "Phone hai na!"

    Translation: "I will be going to Dubai next month to work on a ship for 2-3 years. I will travel the world and earn money."

    "What about your wife?"

    "There's a phone for that."

    You can follow Omkar on Twitter for more updates on their journey.

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