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Predictably, Twitter Has LOST Its Shit At This Headline Calling Smriti Irani "Spinderella"

Aaj ka debate: Sexist attack vs. pretty decent pun.

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Yesterday, Union Minister Smriti Irani was replaced as the HRD Minister of India by BJP MP Prakash Javadekar and made the textile minister in a major cabinet reshuffle.

Hindustan Times / Getty Images

While #ByeByeSmriti has been trending since the announcement, the shocking move made front pages today with The Telegraph choosing to go with this headline.

And predictably, Twitter has LOTS to say, with one half claiming the headlines were sexist.

And others just quite impressed with the daily's pun game.

In February 2016, the newspaper had also carried this front page during Irani's stint at the HRD Ministry.

Ah well...