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Sania Mirza Classily Shut Down Sanjay Manjrekar After He Trolled Her For Being A Doubles Player

"Guess common sense is not that common after all."

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She celebrated the announcement with this tweet.

Today I complete 80 consecutive weeks as the number 1 player in d world👆its been an amazing journey and just inspir…

That was pretty great till ex-cricketer, Sanjay Manjrekar, decided to be party pooper.

No 1 doubles player you mean. Congrats!


So, she politely shut him down.

Since I don't play singles anymore isn't that obvious/common sense?my bad,common sense is not that common after all…

He didn't stop there though...

Well, you missed out an important detail for someone like me who lacks common sense :)

That was when she proceeded to show him the door YET again.

Clearly!!! So here you go .. An article with all the 'important details' .. :)

All in a day's work for Sania. 💅🏽

It's been a pleasure folks 🙋🏽🙋🏽 gotta go and get this tooth sorted 😐