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    Delhi Hindu Group Built Donald Trump Shrine To Pray For His Win Because He Hates Muslims

    Here's Trump with a teeka, a sacred fire, and a lot of evidence that, as a species, we're doomed.

    Right-wing political group, Hindu Sena held a prayer meeting earlier today to pray for Donald Trump to win the U.S. Presidential Election.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    Because of Trump's anti-Muslim manifesto, the Hindu Sena thinks he would be the best man for the job.

    Arvind Yadav / Via Twitter: @NicDawes

    The banner that they have put up says they support him “because he is hope for humanity against Islamic terror.”

    “The whole world is screaming against Islamic terrorism, and even India is not safe from it,” said Vishnu Gupta, founder of the Hindu Sena nationalist group. “Only Donald Trump can save humanity.”

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images

    They even set up a sacred fire in Delhi's Jantar Mantar and prayed for his victory in the election.

    Sajjad Hussain / AFP / Getty Images


    In a classic move, Twitter is already making jokes about the event.

    People from world's most helpful religion make a barbecue fire so Trump can cook his favorite Beef Steak on it.

    If any of these idiots attended an actual Trump rally they'd get punched in the face.

    Here's a video of them —

    Hindu Sena members held a havan in Delhi today in support of @realDonaldTrump's presidential bid (Via @kimaroraTOI)

    I mean...