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    11 Dec 2017

    14 Reasons Shirley Setia Is Everyone's Favourite Girl On The Internet

    The tiny one with not-so-tiny dreams is conquering hearts and you need to know why.

    Hello friends. Have you been living under a rock? If not, you would have probably heard of this YouTube sensation, Shirley Setia.

    In just the past year, she has released two original songs of her own, sang two Bollywood songs, gone on tour with Armaan Malik, and still managed to make videos for YouTube. Phew.

    1. The Auckland-raised girl has literally hustled her way to the top.

    2. It hasn't troubled her that she has achieved all that she has at JUST TWENTY TWO.

    3. She is always ready to face her fears.

    4. While she is best known for her Bollywood covers, she has been nailing mainstream English pop too.

    5. She makes ~wanderlust~ look good.

    6. She never gets tired of her fans and knows them all really well.

    7. At the same time, she doesn't worry about trolls.

    8. Not. A. Single. Fuck. Is. Given. About. Trolls.

    No matter what you do, or how you are, you’ll never be liked by everyone! 🤷🏻‍♀️

    9. She is truly and really relatable.

    10. Not just her music, but her goofiness can also keep you entertained.

    11. She misses no opportunity to show off the real Bollywood fangirl she is.

    Bringin’ in them birthdays like 🎈

    12. She knows that comfort > style, always.

    They don't call her the pyjama popstar for nothing.

    13. She has been one of the brightest beacons of hope in the shitstorm that was 2017...

    14. And whether you like it or not, she will disarm you with that lovely smile.

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