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    Updated on 2 Feb 2019. Posted on 2 Feb 2018

    Here Are 15 Taimur Memes To Help You Deal With How Much You Hate Taimur Coverage

    Barely a year old, and already a meme.

    Taimur Ali Khan has barely turned a year old and is the most popular baby in India.

    Everyone's pretty sick of news outlets covering the baby's every move and it's frankly starting to get ridiculous.

    Because the circle of life on the internet always ends in someone getting memed, the media's relationship with Taimur hasn't been spared either. Chalo, you also enjoy some jokes at their expense:


    Foreign news channels - We are experiencing Super Blue Blood Moon for the first time in 150 years Indian news chan…



    When taimur was born,the doctor said "Mubarakh ho article hua hai".


    Today’s budget will decide how many diapers can Taimur afford from his pocket money.


    I want someone who looks at me the same way media looks at Taimur 😍


    Taimur Ali Khan *takes a dump* News outlets :


    I just called Taimur Ali Khan to get his views on Delhi's pollution problem. Assured him that AAP is taking all steps to blame someone.



    We can discuss Rajput pride later. First tell me what did cutie Taimur have for breakfast today?


    taimur paida nahi release hua tha.


    Interviewer : Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Candidate : Outside Taimur's school, clicking pictures Interv…


    *15 Years later* People: "Taimur 15 saal ka ho gaya na?" NDTV:


    Kareena: Taimur ko cold hogaya hai Indian Media: How Taimur’s cold is every baby’s cold goals


    It's shameful that Indian media is hiding important information from us. Like, has Taimur Ali Khan started walking?…


    *Taimur farts* Media : aaiye sunghte hai taimur ki body se nikli hui ye khubsoorat khushboo

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