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    Posted on 21 Oct 2016

    If You Think Indian TV Is Weird, Wait Till You Watch This Hilarious Crime Bust Featuring Garba

    It is exactly what I said it is.

    Kids, Indian television is quite screwed up. We've had television characters turn into flies and whatnot.


    Today, however, this crime busting operation from Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah will shake you to the core.

    This is lead character Jethalal's wife, Daya. Daya waits and watches as she prepares herself for the next step in the operation.

    SAB TV

    She slowly creeps towards the thieves...

    SAB TV

    And just starts... DANCING!?

    SAB TV


    SAB TV

    With each clap and each turn, she was swiftly defeating the enemy.

    SAB TV

    And juuust when they thought they could get away with it, they met Daya's accomplice — Jayantilal a.k.a. Garba Uncle.

    SAB TV

    With their powers of dance combined, Daya and Garba Uncle create some sort of inescapable web of dance moves around the thieves.

    SAB TV

    While they distracted the robbers with their impeccable garba bait, their two little accomplices arrived with the real task at hand — TO NAB THESE CROOKS.

    SAB TV

    And nab them, they did.

    SAB TV

    The clip posted on Twitter by @kalamwali_bai has raised a lot of questions.

    You can watch the entire operation here:

    And kids this is why you should say 'NO' to drugs.

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