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Here's A Reminder That Akash From "Dil Chahta Hai" Is The Fucking Worst

Jaane kyun everyone loves Akash so much. Smh.

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As a self-acclaimed Bollywood buff, I cannot deny that Dil Chahta Hai changed the course of Indian cinema. The film has all the #FriendshipGoals handed over to us through Akash, Sid and Sameer's tight bromance.

But, if there really had to be something wrong with this ~blessed~ friendship, it's the egotistic, condescending, cocky, entitled AF manchild Akash.

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He is often revered as the "cool" guy in the movie. Everyone wanted to be him.

However, he's goddamn problematic and I have the receipts to show for it:

To begin with, he seemed to have a very weird relationship with his Economics professor, Miss Kashyap, and bragged about it a lot.

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When Sid made the painting of a random woman, he just went on to take the opportunity to bring up his alleged affair with a professor.

He hijacked his college graduation party to woo someone else's fiancée. Also, this was AFTER she had explicitly said that she was genuinely not interested.

Nor could he be bothered to look a little more excited about his best friend’s first major exhibition.

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Sameer had an excuse — he was heartbroken. What was Akash doing besides letching (again) at women?!

It didn't take much for him to almost end his friendship with Sid and break his own promise of being BFF4Lyf.

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And he stubbornly rejected the idea of letting go of his giant male ego to repair this old friendship.

Before you go on to say he's a romantic, let's not forget that just because he didn't know what love is, he dismissed everyone else's love stories.

Both Sid and Sameer are SO done with his disturbing lack of faith.

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