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    This Fashion Illustrator Randomly Happened To Sketch Sonam Kapoor And It's Gorgeous

    Draw me like a Sonam, someone.

    Here's a picture of Sonam Kapoor chilling in the front row of an Elie Saab show.

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    Fashion illustrator, Gladys Perint Palmer, happened to have caught Kapoor in the moment at the show and drew this gorgeous sketch.

    Gladys Perint Palmer / Via

    In an interview with Vogue India, Palmer said:

    I was sitting at Elie Saab, in the second row, and she was just on the other side of the aisle, in the first row, sitting at an angle to me, so I could see her lovely profile. I had no idea who she was, if she was a princess or what, but I just had to do a drawing of her. She was just such a beautiful woman.

    Who doesn't love Sonam, after all?

    Anil Kapoor Films Company / Via

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