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11 May 2017

12 Pieces Of Unsolicited Advice Young Moms Are Tired Of Hearing

There's enough on their plates for them to have to listen to your nonsense as well.

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1. "Why are you having so much chai?"

Imaan Sheikh / Via BuzzFeed India

2. "Can I touch your belly?"

Dharma Productions

Do you expect my child to high-five you from inside the womb?

3. "Here, take some kajal."

Imaan Sheikh / Via BuzzFeed India

4. "Breast feeding is the only correct way to feed a child."


That's great. Would you like to feed it next?

5. "You shouldn't just feed the child in public. That's gross."

I'll tell you to cover your face the next time you want to eat too.

6. “So now that you’ve had a baby, when are you quitting your job?”

Imaan Sheikh / Via BuzzFeed India

7. "Don't kiss the baby too much. Its cheeks will get too fat."

Arbaaz Khan Productions

I really don't mind having the cutest baby ever, auntyji.

8. "HAW. I can see your belly!"

Imaan Sheikh / Via BuzzFeed India

9. "Don't hold the baby too much. It will get too attached to you."

Rajshri Productions

I was planning to grow a kangaroo pouch for it. But, thanks for the heads up.

10. "Why is the child wearing diapers all the time?"

Imaan Sheikh / Via BuzzFeed India

11. “Labour will be way worse than you’ve imagined.”

Dharma Productions

Oh, superb, that’s exactly what I want to hear right now.



Every child is special ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

In the lead-up to Mother's Day, join us in celebrating our moms all week. Because our ammas, ammis, mammas, and mums deserve way more than just a day. #MaaWeek

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