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This Man Is Being Spammed By Concerned Citizens On Twitter Because His Handle Is @Aadhaar

"Are you going to leak all my private data to the public?"

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For months, the Aadhaar Card has been at the centre of a huge controversy in India, with strong arguments being made against its hasty implementation.

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There have been various concerns voiced against the system, including privacy concerns and the data being used for surveillance of citizens.

People have been coping with the news in many ways, including making memes.


"I have had this account for years now and the spamming and attempts to hack increased only in the last week and a half or so. So, I had to tweet about it," Sharma told BuzzFeed.

Twitter: @Aadhaar

While he didn't think it would get him as much attention that he did, he doesn't mind it much. "Now there's just a lot of pressure to be witty even though I have only 50 followers. My family is having a good laugh at my expense. So, it's just a joke now," he added.

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