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20 Times Shah Rukh Khan Was Witty As Hell

He's called King Khan for a reason.

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1. When he was above mere mortals:

2. When he gave away the secret to his beauty:

3. When he was completely aware of his best quality:

4. When he made jokes about paid awards before anyone else could:


5. When he had only one question for Ranveer Singh:

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6. When he didn't have time for requests:

7. When he went extra AF at his own wedding because of haters:

8. When he dropped this truth bomb on Karan Johar:

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9. When he was low-maintenance:

10. When he had this moment of self-doubt:

11. When he had his retirement plan sorted:

12. When he had regrets:

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13. When he distanced himself from the All India Bakchod Roast as much as possible:

14. When he was filled with ambition:

15. When he was feeling generous:

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Star World

16. When he realised reinventing himself wasn't worth the pain:

17. When he knew his best qualities:

18. When he didn't really spare Alia or any Bollywood actor:


19. When he had the perfect strategy for staying out of trouble:

20. And when he played life at its own game: