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12 Very Real And Very Funny Moments From Part Two Of The AIB Podcast With SRK

Shah Rukh Khan really cares about his trolls and the state of swearing in this country.

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1. When he spoke up about the two major misconceptions people have about celebrities.

2. When he got really annoyed with people judging him for sitting with his feet on a train berth during promotions for Raees.

3. When he realised he didn't want to be a star after he asked Amitabh Bachchan for his advice on what he does before he goes on to stage.

4. When he faced this severe existential crisis when people compared Raees to his older films.

5. When he realised that the audience is never really easy to please.

6. When he shut Khamba down for hinting at playing video games with him again.

7. When he regretted the way he posed for his wax statue.

8. When he dropped this truth bomb about vandalism in India.

9. When he was super concerned about his haters.

10. When he brought out his Delhi side.

11. When he was really worried about the state of swearing in India.

12. And when he chastised Shakya for saying "behenchod" in the interview.

Watch the funny AF and super insightful interview here:

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