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    Salman Khan Walked Out Of An Interview When Asked If Being Human Was A PR Stunt

    "Do you have any idea of the amount of work we do at Being Human? We do s***loads of work on a daily basis. I haven't even put my name there, man."

    Over the years, Salman Khan has been mired in controversy and criminal trials.

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    He was charged (and later acquitted) of poaching in 1998, and murder in the infamous 2002 hit-and-run case.

    While these cases were still pending in court, Khan launched the charitable Being Human foundation in 2007, which many have dismissed as a PR move to improve his controversial public image.

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    In an interview with Mint in 2016, he was asked how he felt about the accusations.

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    Khan hasn't directly addressed the allegations ever and tbf, journalists haven't asked him much about it either in the recent past.

    Till today.

    In a HuffPost interview from today, Khan was directly asked why people should still watch his movies despite his questionable past.

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    He was also asked what he thought about people claiming that he got acquitted because he was a movie star.

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    Finally, he was asked about the perception that his foundation is a PR stunt.

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    At this point, Khan got up and left.

    The interviewer, Ankur Pathak told BuzzFeed, "Though he answered all the questions till that point — I had a few more left — he stood up and left and it was clear by his team's reaction that we're done here. I was still sitting there, quite stunned. I was glad he answered the questions, though."

    Read the whole interview here.

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