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    People Had A Lot Of Thoughts About Ranveer Singh's Latest Amazing Fashion Statement

    There truly can be no one else like him.

    Ranveer Singh is not new to the oddball fashionista game.

    Last night, however, at Shahid Kapoor's birthday party, he decided to up the ante even further with, wellll... this.

    Viral Bhayani
    Viral Bhayani

    While I am sure Ranveer couldn't care less (and I hope that never changes), Twitter still weighed in with many thoughts about his outfit:

    There were a lot of sperm jokes...

    And a lot of condom jokes.

    Other comparisons ranged from calling him a Teletubby...

    To an anime character...

    And even a plastic bag.

    As you can probably see, it got pretty ruthless.

    Of course, there were also many who agreed that Ranveer's inimitable style is what really makes him who he is.

    Never change, Ranveer. Never change.

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