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    Congratulations, Internet: We Have Taught Ranbir Kapoor What Mansplaining Is (Kinda)

    There's still some hope, guys.

    During promotions for Jagga Jasoos, Ranbir Kapoor ended up mansplaining for Katrina Kaif during more than one interview.

    A lot of ~cringe~ happened.


    In a recent AIB podcast episode with Ranbir, he asked if mansplaining was a thing.

    And the AIB boys kindly explained it to him.

    Of course, Ranbir had his "reasons" for interrupting Katrina during interviews.

    But that didn't stop AIB from calling him out and making him REALLY understand what he was doing wrong.

    To Ranbir's credit, he did admit to his mistakes publicly in an interview with MissMalini – so it is a lesson learnt after all.

    Hurray for educating more people about the small ways we tend to be sexist to each other. YAY!

    You can watch the whole thing unfold here:

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