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    Alia Bhatt Is Playing A Gun-Wielding, Ass-Kicking Spy In "Raazi" And My Heart Just Skipped A Beat

    How far is May 11 again?

    Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal are starring in Dharma's next, "Raazi" and everyone has been sufficiently (read: VERY) excited about it.

    The year is 1971. India and Pakistan are at war. Alia Bhatt plays an Indian girl from Kashmir, Sehmat.

    She is married off to a Pakistan Army officer, Iqbal, so that she can provide information for the Indian intelligence.

    Let's pause to look at Vicky Kaushal, who plays Iqbal, and is a goddamned snack.

    Thank God I've already had breakfast or I'd eat him right up.

    After her marriage, Sehmat gets into the role of a spy...

    Learns how to pass on messages in morse code...

    Trains hard as hell in this fun-looking training montage...

    ... and just looks super serious and intimidating while using guns.

    Watch the trailer here to get hyped:

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