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    55 Things That All Xavier's Mumbai Kids Know To Be True

    "It's not just a college, it is a way of life."

    1. Being looked up from top to bottom in a completely different light when you told someone you're a Xavierite.

    2. Knowing that the campus was as close to living in Hogwarts as it got.

    3. I mean, we had secret passageways, mesmerising staircases and even an Economics professor named Hermione Salazar.

    4. Knowing exactly where to go when you needed some... er... privacy. You know, between the lending library's shelves, behind the BCR, in the arches, the gallery, the chapel...

    5. For the singletons, there was always the MOffice under the staircase for free WiFi, LOLs and chill scenes.

    6. Refusing to delete what seems like a million shots like these from your phones and cameras.

    7. Being that annoying new kid who says "Chal na, let's take selfies in the first quad"...

    8. And then becoming that annoying ex-student who screams "COLLEGE!!1!!!?" at the TV screen when you catch a glimpse of the campus (which is a LOT).

    9. Quickly becoming the all-knowing senior telling people exactly where LR29 is.

    10. Cursing your luck if you had lectures anywhere in the 40s.

    11. But still dragging your ass there and marvelling at this stunning view.

    12. Fondly remembering all the days and nights Sunlight, Kit-Kat and Lalit harboured you and your unending thirst for alcohol.

    13. Starting the party with "Summer of '69" on Sunlight's jukebox and SOMEHOW ending up with "Tum toh thehre pardesi".

    14. Going to Marine Drive because you were broke AF but still needed someplace to chill.

    15. Or just stepping into Sterling because it's too damn hot to be anywhere else.

    16. Settling for the "Village" or Ahar by the end of your time there anyway.

    17. Keeping a copy of your fee receipt in your wallet for the days you forget your ID...

    18. Or just resorting to either smuggling someone's ID over the sandwich wala gate or smooth talking your way in before your 8 am lecture.

    19. Attending your 8 am lectures only when you were in FY, scrambling for attendance, or in love with your professor.

    20. Using your 50-minute-long break walking around the foyer, greeting your friends from other streams, deciding what to eat and changing your mind.

    21. And maybe even clapping with the crowd when that one fool broke a glass in the foyer.

    22. Or bitching about how crowded the foyer is because of those "fucking JC kids", forgetting that that was you a couple of years back.

    23. Using your time in FY by experimenting with the chicken bhel, BMS or pizza for 32 bucks (REALLY).

    24. And then wondering how you could possibly pick between the chinese counter, dosa, Anna's, the frankie guy, pizza and the chaat guy.

    25. Drooling at the mention of "BBC".

    26. Finding a hero in Sachin regardless of whether or not you liked cricket.

    27. Then facing the difficult choice between his sandwiches ("Aloo fry? Mysore Masala? Or should I just have Chocolate Cheese?")

    28. Thanking your stars and all gods for Anna.

    29. Using your first year to figure how to get his attention when you were at the counter.

    30. Spending the rest of your time in college shuttling between his Egg Burma and Special Maggi.

    31. Staying back late at college sometimes just for those fabulous Aloo Parathas with extra butter.

    32. Dreading and being in slight awe of the hall where you wrote exams, danced and hid under the stage.

    33. And wondering what a damn cool place you were in when you discovered THAT exit from inside the hall to outside it.

    34. Trying to figure out what on Earth Hugh Hefner's biography is doing in the restricted section of the library.

    35. Arguing with your parents because you missed their calls when YOU NEVER ACTUALLY GOT ANY OF THEM.

    36. And then growing up and laughing off this Hotstar ad. 3G kya, you were probably struggling to get even a single bar of connectivity...

    38. Unless you were in the hostel building, in the woods or poking your head out the arches awkwardly.

    39. Saving your best clothes for the only occasions dress codes didn't apply — traditional day, Malhar and your TY farewell.

    40. Using traditional day as an excuse for three things — dressing up, dancing and finally getting a chance to see the inside of the hostel.

    41. Because, let's admit it, you were tired of your friends from the hostel behaving like they were part of some secret society.

    37. And despite constant nagging, only finding that what happens at the hostel, stays there.

    42. Speaking of Malhar, hearing "DHAMPA LAGA LAGA LAGA" in any corner of the world, and responding appropriately would be the mark of a Xavierite.

    43. Hoping your "card-o-late" was an open declaration of love from your crush...

    44. ... Just to find out that it was your best friend trolling you.

    45. Trying to explain to people how Xavier's isn't all about Malhar.

    46. Having to manage your real life with Paradigm, Antas, Ithaka, Marathi Vangmay Mandal, Antarchakshu, Zeitgeist or some other fest at college.

    47. As a result, leaving college with way too many free t-shirts, with memories attached to them all.

    48. Adding your (barely complete) SIP hours to your CV with your other accomplishments.

    49. Also considering adding dealing with the SIP office without exploding into a fit of rage to the list.

    50. Knowing you could always depend on Terry whether you needed stationery, a room to nap in or just a patient ear for all your problems.

    51. Being one of the many, many students to have a crush on Aggie.

    52. Admitting he's pretty badass as a principal too. Who else could have done such a great job with Dubsmash?

    53. Bragging about being the batch that met Obama (even if you didn't, you still low-key bragged about knowing someone who did).

    54. Or sharing that video of the time Lakme Fashion Week came to college with Kareena frikkin' Kapoor as showstopper.

    55. Reading all of this and wanting to hug your best Xavierite friend right now because we all know NOBODY hugs as well as Xavierites do.