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    Posted on 28 Jul 2016

    This Indian Man On Instagram Is Way, Wayyyy Better At Makeup Than You'll Ever Be

    The one-man glam squad.

    This is 23-year-old Bengaluru-based fashion student, Zeeshan Ali.

    And he is VERY good with his make-up.

    No, really. Look at this man set the screen on fire with his transformations.



    Allow me to present to you #CheekboneGoals, if I may.

    "I use my make-up to express gender fluidity and I consciously do that in real life too," Ali told BuzzFeed.

    "It gave me an avenue to really be myself without being judged. It's as if I found my own reality while living out a fantasy," he added.

    "I think a lot of what I do is to just make the point that we don't need to hide who we are, ever."

    You can follow his work on Instagram.

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