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This Website Lets You Surprise Your Loved Ones With Potatoes As Gifts

Who would you send a potato to?

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"This one time, I was talking to someone over the phone in the kitchen and wanted to note down a number. Luckily, I had a marker in my pocket and a potato on the shelf. When I had to pass on the number, I just threw the potato across the room," Goyal told BuzzFeed.


The selection of the potato is also a significant part of the process. "They need to be big enough to write on them."


"Post that, they need to be washed and dried with a hair dryer for a permanent marker to do its jazz," Goyal added.

Some of these messages can get pretty damn intense.

"The weirdest we got definitely has to be, 'Kiss me hard and peel me with your bare hands' and another funny one was, 'I will mash this potato into you, if you don’t return my calls'," Goyal said.

When asked why potatoes were a better way to pass messages, Goyal told BuzzFeed, "There's something awkwardly hysterical about a potato that you just can’t explain. It’s so random and abrupt in its shape that internet loves it and so do we."

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