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10 Things You 100% Need To Know If You're Going To Watch Ed Sheeran In Mumbai

Backpacks aren't allowed. Also don't forget to carry a valid photo ID.

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1. The gates will open at 5 p.m. and shut by 9 p.m.


BUT since this is Mumbai, and there will be traffic, you should have already left your house and camped outside the venue.

2. The venue is a no-smoking zone.


3. There are no charging stations at the venue, so bring along fully charged power banks.

4. You won't be able to spend your own money at the venue. Instead, you will have to buy a card (using cash/card) at the venue, load it with some money and use it to buy stuff.


Preferably, carry cash to pay for this because there's a chance the network in the area will be jammed and lead to slower transactions.

5. You're not allowed to bring backpacks for the gig.

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But don't worry. You can get small fanny packs, smol sling bags and the like. Just not massive bags.

6. Every zone has its own entry gate and re-entry won't be allowed.


7. Food and drinks from outside won't be allowed.

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8. But, there will be food available inside.


9. Sheerios can also get their hands on limited edition official Divide tour merchandise at counters at the concert venue.


10. And finally, don't forget to carry a valid photo ID, and (obviously) your ticket.