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    This Author Live Tweeted His Proposal To His Girlfriend


    Author Durjoy Datta and his girlfriend, Avantika Mohan, have been together for four years now.

    Durjoy Datta / Via

    Earlier today, he began professing his love for her on Twitter.

    I'm in love with a girl. Not surprisingly her name is. @avanttika! She has inspired almost every woman character of mine!

    Everytime pppl ask me what's love in book launches i look for her face in the audience. When i don't find her i end up saying shit. So yeah

    And, while they’re due to get married next week, he has yet to give her a surprise proposal.

    Now we are getting married. #marrymeavantika But i havent yet done a formal proposal. Because I'm a fool.

    His plan is to greet her at the airport with a placard.

    Also she's on a flight so she has no idea this is going down. I will be waiting with a placard that says "love of my life". Could be lame.

    He seemed pretty darn nervous, tbh.

    Okay. Just land already @avantika.People are looking at me strangely.

    Soon enough, people started tweeting their support for him.

    Marry this lovesick boy @avanttika He's really trying here. @durjoydatta #marrymeavantika SAY YES!

    I'm afraid if I don't get a proposal as amazing and adorable as @avanttika's, I think I'll probably remain single. @durjoydatta

    @durjoydatta OMG!! This is like the cutest proposal ever a girl would expect right a week before her marriage!! #marrymeavantika ❤😘

    … AND SHE SAID YES! (To add to the cuteness, she used the title of one of his books, Of Course I Love You.)

    SHE SAID YES! Now we can calmly go ahead with the wedding next week. 💘



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