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    This Author Live Tweeted His Proposal To His Girlfriend


    Author Durjoy Datta and his girlfriend, Avantika Mohan, have been together for four years now.

    Earlier today, he began professing his love for her on Twitter.

    I'm in love with a girl. Not surprisingly her name is. @avanttika! She has inspired almost every woman character of mine!

    Everytime pppl ask me what's love in book launches i look for her face in the audience. When i don't find her i end up saying shit. So yeah

    And, while they’re due to get married next week, he has yet to give her a surprise proposal.

    Now we are getting married. #marrymeavantika But i havent yet done a formal proposal. Because I'm a fool.

    His plan is to greet her at the airport with a placard.

    Also she's on a flight so she has no idea this is going down. I will be waiting with a placard that says "love of my life". Could be lame.

    He seemed pretty darn nervous, tbh.

    Okay. Just land already @avantika.People are looking at me strangely.

    Soon enough, people started tweeting their support for him.

    Marry this lovesick boy @avanttika He's really trying here. @durjoydatta #marrymeavantika SAY YES!

    I'm afraid if I don't get a proposal as amazing and adorable as @avanttika's, I think I'll probably remain single. @durjoydatta

    @durjoydatta OMG!! This is like the cutest proposal ever a girl would expect right a week before her marriage!! #marrymeavantika ❤😘

    … AND SHE SAID YES! (To add to the cuteness, she used the title of one of his books, Of Course I Love You.)

    SHE SAID YES! Now we can calmly go ahead with the wedding next week. 💘