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    India Was Just Very Confused Because Modi Hardly Used "Mitron" In His NYE Speech

    "Not even one mention of Mitron. Feeling cheated with one billion others."

    On December 31, PM Narendra Modi brought India to a standstill with his address to the nation, announcing housing schemes for the rural poor and other welfare schemes.

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    Considering the last time he addressed the nation, around 84% of our currency became illegal, people were already cracking jokes in anticipation of the speech and his usage of "Mitron".

    In fact, there were also drinking games in place to take shots every time he said Mitron.

    This bar even announced cheaper shots for every time the PM said the word.

    Get a beer or a shot for Rs. 31* every time you hear our Prime Minister say '#Mitron' during his speech tomorrow.…

    Facebook: SocialOffline

    But when he was delivering his speech, people started noticing something... off.

    Not even one mention of Mitron. Feeling cheated with 1 Billion others.

    He wasn't saying the word "mitron" at all.

    No Mitron in the Speech so far. Or did I miss it. Is Mitron gone too with the old year #ModiSpeech

    It got bad enough for the word to start trending in India.

    ... And the jokes started coming right in.

    Modiji's scriptwriter just used find and replace to change all instances of Mitron to Deshvasiyon.

    Modiji saw all your coupon codes and drinking games and shifted to Deshwasiyon instead of Mitron. Masterstroke.

    People who planned to take shots whenever Modi says Mitron, gonna sleep sober tonight. 😢 #ModiSpeech

    Don't tell me, he is replacing #Mitron with Doston! First he took away our notes now he is taking away our beloved Mitron! #ModiSpeech

    Didn't use "Mitron" even once? MODI HAS UNFRIENDED THE NATION.

    Ppl on Twitter: We'll troll Modi whenever he says Mitron during #ModiSpeech Modi: I will troll them back by replacing Mitron with Doston.🙏

    A colllision of mitrons in the large hadron collider has yielded a new fundamental particle called saathiyon

    Modiji isn't saying 'mitron' only. I feel bad for all my friends at Social locations across the country.

    Mitron Mitron Na Raha, Pyaar Pyaar Na Raha.

    15 minutes in and no #mitron yet. Modi is playing with junta. Citizens at @SocialOffline have been taken for a ride!

    Aaj ki raat sab safe rahe. Sirf 'Social' jaane waalon ka kata.

    Yet another death in 2016. Ugh. RIP wallets of those who were at social offline expecting cheap booze. You'll be missed.

    All of India rn:

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