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    You May Be Happy But You'll Never Be As Happy As This Dude Celebrating A Minister

    Someday, I will be him.

    The cabinet reshuffle in Delhi has been going on since early this morning, with many new faces gracing the lineup. One of those new faces happens to be Madhya Pradesh's Anil Dave.

    While such announcements are usually followed by intense dancing sessions, one man from Mr. Dave's party was clearly on cloud nine.

    Though he started with the whole bunch, he broke out into a solo performance and man, did he rock that dhol.

    He was an unstoppable force of nature.

    Dance, you free bird. DANCE LIKE NOBODY IS WATCHING.

    Spend 48 seconds making yourself happy by watching him dance here:

    WATCH: BJP workers break into dance in Bhopal after Anil Dave got inducted as Minister of state #CabinetExpansion

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