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    Today In WTF: Mick Jagger Watches The IPL

    And he miiight just be a Mumbai Indians supporter.

    This is Mick Jagger, rockstar superstar and why am I even introducing him? He's a legend.

    Angela Weiss / AFP / Getty Images

    Mick is an Englishman. As any self-respecting one, he happens to love the sport of cricket.

    Handout / Getty Images

    Here he is, holding the 2015 ICC World Cup Trophy — a privilege few have, but he's Mick Jagger so he gets a hand on a lot of cool stuff.

    Fun fact: Mick Jagger's company, Jagged Interworks, tied up with Cricinfo back in 1997 for some TV rights to a few tournaments involving England.

    Central Press / Getty Images

    He used to catch live test matches at The Oval too.

    Today was the final match of the Indian Premier League and the Mumbai Indians won a tough fight against Rising Pune Supergiants to win by one run.

    While Mumbai had set a low target of 130, few really thought they had a shot at winning the trophy. One of those sceptics happened to me Mick frickin' Jagger.

    And of course, his Indian fans were in a bit of a tizzy.

    After the suprising twist to the final, even the Mumbai Indians Twitter handle responded to Jagger's tweet:

    But, this is not the first time the living legend has tweeted about the IPL. Here's a tweet from 2015, and he cared about Mumbai being in the finals back then too.

    Wonder if he's satisfied with tonight's result.


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