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    Thousands Are Sharing This Hilarious Korean Show Clip Of A Girl Pretending To Be "Indian"

    "You want to marry me? I am pretty."

    This clip from a Korean show has been going viral for featuring a character pretending to be an Indian girl.

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    The clip is from the popular Korean sitcom, High Kick 3.

    The episode features two high school girls, Soo-jong and Ji-won, playing an American girl and an Indian respectively, for a gig as extras in a commercial.

    They get arrested for making a wrong U-turn. While at the police station, they choose to maintain their fake identities.

    In the act, the Indian girl keeps repeating the one and only line she was taught in Hindi.

    Even though their cover is blown when their IDs are found...

    ... the "Indian" girl continues to relentlessly defend herself by repeating her dialogue over and over.

    As if that isn't bad enough, she goes to extreme lengths to prove her Indian-ness, including doing an "Indian dance."


    The clip that has been shared almost 5,900 times has elicited a lot of laughs from the internet.