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    This Trans Woman And Her Husband Did A Photo Shoot That Will Make You Believe In Love All Over Again

    Love is love is love.

    Madhuri Sarode and Jay Sharma of Mumbai were the first couple who had openly admitted that one of the partners was a transgender person, which fascinated 25-year-old Mumbai-based freelance photographer Anu Pattnaik. Pattnaik decided to stay with them for a couple of days and observe their love firsthand.

    "I wanted to capture them in their most intimate moments to show the world that love knows no gender, no boundaries, and that it is a normal thing to go ahead and marry the person you fall in love with," Pattnaik told BuzzFeed.

    “There is a lot to learn from this exceptional couple," she added.

    "Their determination to take a stand for each other..."

    "Or Jay's audacity to take pride in Madhuri..."

    "...and Madhuri's courage to fight for her community by applying for the marriage certificate as a transgender — these are the qualities that love needs especially in today's time."

    "Often, we fall in love but forget how to love and respect the other person with dignity and effort."