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    Lilly IISuperwomanII Singh Is Appearing In A Mila Kunis Movie, And We Cannot Even

    Attention, Team Super.

    Just to add to her already amazing year (AND LIFE), Lilly "IISuperwomanII" Singh is doing a cameo in the new Mila Kunis-Christina Applegate starrer, Bad Moms.

    "SURPRISE! I have a small cameo in the new Mila Kunis/Christina Applegate movie called #BadMoms. And can I just say, it was SO extremely wonderful to witness the amount of #GirlLove on this set. Mila and Christina were both so welcoming and kind to not only myself but everyone else on set. In fact, when I first met Mila, she was handing out Valentine's Cards to everyone. Moments before that, Christina was sending care packages to a few of the ladies who were sick on set. Thanks for being awesome as eff and so down to earth. Not to mention hot as hell. Very hot. #BlessedLife"


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