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    A Shah Rukh Khan Fan Moved Countries And Stood Outside His House For 3 Days Just To See Him

    There's hope for the rest of us.

    This is 27-year-old Indonesian Mutiara Ulfa Herlita. A die-hard Shah Rukh Khan fan since she was nine, all she has ever wanted was to meet her idol.

    In 2013, she qualified for a scholarship to J.G. School of Performing Arts in Ahmedabad to study kathak on her second attempt, and made it to India.

    "I even ran away from hostel in 2013 to see him at a mall in Ahmedabad where he was promoting Chennai Express," Herlita told BuzzFeed.

    Once she was done with her course, she came to Mumbai on a train and stood outside Mannat on May 15 this year to get Shah Rukh's attention.

    I can't cme back nw, nt whn my tears r still fallng dwn everyday.. @iamsrk plez help me, i miss my country..

    "I had no place to sleep and had befriended some fans outside his house who gave me their place for the night," she explained.

    Mannat,2 days waitng all day,slept in 3 diffrnt plce,limitd money,no eatng,alone,afraid @iamsrk plez help me @SRKFCI

    She even ended up staying at the Indonesia Consulate General while she was in Mumbai, but refused to go back without seeing her favourite star.

    Shah Rukh Khan even responded to her pleas.

    Will see u girls as I leave f r work and hear your story

    But it was only three days later, on May 18, that Khan's manager called Herlita asking her to come see the star while he was at a shoot.

    Just like a fairy tale... It always ends in happy ending...Thank u to hear my story @iamsrk @SRKFCI

    "I couldn't believe my luck. I have struggled a lot to come see him and it was finally happening. He was so handsome and so good to us. He even agreed to kiss me when I asked him to," she said.

    "I didn't want to go back home without having seen him. Now that I have, I can go back happily," she said.

    Meanwhile, the inner Shah Rukh fan in me...

    Yash Raj Films / Via Imaan Sheikh

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