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11 Things You'll Want Right Now If You're A Bollywood Lover

Everything from shayari, cowbells and guides to great photoshoots.

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

Amazon has a list of cool products called “Movers and Shakers”, which is a collection of stuff that’s basically ~trending~.

This week, we tried our best to include Amazon products a true-blue Bollywood lover might like, so this list includes everything from collectibles to books to ukuleles that will make you want to dig into your wallets. There are gift cards for when you have no idea what to give someone and also some insane ways to be an IRL Bollywood star with books and videos on working out.

1. This collector's edition DDLJ cowbell autographed by Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol (₹4,091).

Most Promising Review: "The product is a bit bulky but my friend liked it as a birthday gift. Resembles the original one from the movie and gives you a feeling of nostalgia." — Ketan

Get it here.

2. Ensure you and your partner have the perfect Bollywood photoshoot to show for your wedding (₹200).

Most Promising Review: "Pre/post wedding shoots are in vogue and are here for good. So, if you are looking for something that will let you instantly create the beautiful memories, go for this book. It's for everybody — you may be a couple heading out for your shoot, an amateur photographer or someone trying your hand at lenses and cameras, it's for all of you guys." — Garima Choudhary

Get it here.

3. This adult colouring book to help you de-stress on a shitty day (₹291).

Most Promising Review: "Beautiful designs. But a big problem is the small print. Most of the pages cannot be coloured by sketch pens as the print is too small. Would have LOVED it if it was a bigger book with more space to colour! But some of the best designs I've seen." — Vibhuti

Get it here.

4. Get that chiseled Bollywood body of your dreams with the help of someone who has trained John frikkin' Abraham (₹238).

Most Promising Review: "Received this book and I would say that this has been the best. The diet portion is awesome. You get around 20-30 recipes, which are full of protein and nutrients. I would suggest everyone who wants to lean out, maintain or put on mass to buy this book. Give it a try." — Sam

Get it here.

5. Get your Bollywood fanatic friend a PVR gift card so that they can watch all the movies they want to (₹500 to ₹ 5,000).

Most Promising Review: "This gift card can be given to anyone, and for any occasion. Always great to find some time to unwind." — Soaham

Get it here.

6. Up your accessory game with this Bajrangi Bhaijaan pendant (₹150).

Most Promising Review: "Better than what I expected at this price. It looks fabulous and is of perfect size. I was confused with other similar pendants on the market with similar or higher price range but gave this product a go, and guess what, I was not disappointed at all." — Meet Gorasia

Get it here.

7. This ukulele to bust out your Bollywood jams (₹1,850).

Most Promising Review: "The build of this uke is nice. But the strings were rubbery and hard and sounded awful. After some YouTube videos on how to change strings, I did it and the uke sounds pretty good. I still can't play anything much as I am a beginner but the change in the sound quality is palpable." — Ashley

Get it here.

8. Read veteran star Dilip Kumar's story in his own words (₹308).

Twitter: @ameynadkarni

Most Promising Review: "This is one of the most honest autobiographies — full of substance, very few loopholes and a lot to attract the readers who want to refresh their impression about the tragedy king and know more about Yousuf Khan." — Faizan Ahmed

Get it here.

9. If your friend cannot stop belting out Bollywood jams, get them a Saavn Pro subscription for six months (₹550).

Most Promising Review: "Made a good gift for my wife. In fact she told me it was the best gift ever. A must-have for someone who loves music. Unfortunately I bought it two days after the discount was over. But go for it even without discount." — AR

Get it here.

10. Show off to your friends with some great poetry by writer-actor Piyush Mishra (₹107).

Most Promising Review: "Amazing work by Piyush Mishra. I was not able to find his work and finally it was on Amazon. Always a delight to read or listen to him. It was also equally well delivered by Amazon right on time." — Amazon customer

Get it here.

11. Add some more fun to your workout by dancing to Bollywood music (₹284).

Most Promising Review: "It is just sooo nice. You can have a great workout in 30-40 minutes. What's more, this high calorie burning workout is fun and doesn't bore you." — Priti

Get it here.

Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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