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    11 Instagrammers Every Curvy Desi Girl Should Have Followed, Like, Yesterday

    Fearless, flawless, fun, and fierce.

    1. Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26)

    Instagram: @shreyajain26

    Shreya is the go-to girl for beauty and style inspo. You can also follow her YouTube channel for makeup tutorials and other beauty hacks.

    2. Gia Kashyap (@giasaysthat)

    Instagram: @giasaysthat

    Gia has some wonderful DIY hacks, and looks that you will actually wear. Follow her blog here.

    3. Reeneta Dutta (@reeneta_glamshutter)

    Instagram: @reeneta_glamshutter

    Watch Reeneta slay beauty standards one post at a time and follow her fashion advice on her blog here.

    4. Aashna Bhagwani (@aashna_bhagwani)

    Instagram: @aashna_bhagwani

    Follow Aashna's personal style blog, "where women, irrespective of their appearance & background, should be able to enjoy fashion as much as I do."

    5. Neelakshi Singh (@plumptopretty)

    Instagram: @plumptopretty

    Whether it's her sense of style or her ever-changing hair colour, Neelakshi always finds a way to make herself stand out by being fearless. Follow her blog here.

    6. Shaziya Memon (@paintedplump)

    Instagram: @paintedplump

    20-year-old Shaziya's super-fun and easily workable sense of style is a delight to follow. You can read her DIY hacks and other style advice here.

    7. Komal Khulbe (@delhifashionblogger)

    Instagram: @delhifashionblogger

    Komal has been ruling YouTube as Delhifashionblogger with her easy-to-follow DIY makeup hacks and beauty tutorials. She also has some fun ideas for shutting down body-shamers.

    8. Amena Azeez (


    Amena is unapologetic about her love for fashion, and has a great way of layering her outfits every time she steps out. Follow her blog here.

    9. Anusha Rambabu (@thesmalltownblogger)

    Instagram: @thesmalltownblogger

    Follow Bengaluru girl Anusha for her fun travels, food trips, and fashion advice. You can also read her blog here.

    10. Ishleen Sethi (@the_curvy_princess)

    Instagram: @the_curvy_princess

    Ishleen prides herself on being a typical Sardarni from Delhi, with a love for food,

    makeup, and (obviously) fashion. You can follow her blog here.

    11. Vishakha Bhaskar (@love.them.curves)

    Instagram: @love.them.curves

    Vishakha finds lovely ways to make her desi-ness shine through her posts. Follow her blog here.

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