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    Ileana D'Cruz Spoke Up About Her Mental Illnesses And How She Fought Them Off

    "The people you see on magazine covers are touched up, slimmed down, covered up."

    Ileana D'Cruz recently spoke to MissMalini about her long-standing issues with anxiety, depression and body dysmorphic disorder. Here are some of the things she said during the interview —

    1. On the perfect body type and how it affects her body image:

    Getty Images

    2. On the deceptive magazine covers:

    3. On what it was like to be depressed:

    Getty Images

    4. On her anxiety:

    Getty Images

    5. On the pressures of her professional obligations:

    Getty Images

    6. On being tough:

    Getty Images

    7. On being aware of her flaws:

    Getty Images

    8. Read the full interview here.

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