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A Qualitative Analysis Of Rakhi Sawant's Instagram: Lessons In Self-Worth

I was a normal woman before I followed this account. A few weeks later, I am a woman who truly accepts herself. You can be, too.

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Regardless of your feelings about her, Rakhi Sawant has not escaped anyone's imagination.

Rakhi is queen, tbh. Let's just establish that now.
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Rakhi is queen, tbh. Let's just establish that now.

1. But, in a world that has constantly mocked Rakhi for her outspoken nature, I found a champion for self love in her — and her Instagram is the best example of that.

2. She won't even mind loving caricatures of herself.

3. There is no end to her living the best life that she can possibly lead.

4. Her hardcore workout will never stop her from aiming to be her best, or losing her best camera angle.

5. There is no opinion that matters to her besides her own.

6. Even as royalty, her mortal tendencies will not stop her from fully taking in the joy of having your co-passenger not show up.

7. She understands that internal validation means you have all the energy to really and truly support your BFF through good and bad...

8. .... and even outlandish costumes.

9. She knows how to treat herself, especially when there's a dessert bar involved.

10. No really. Look at her genuine love for food.

11. There is an almost sensual affection for her dinner here.

12. She has no qualms about accepting herself as her own loving life partner.

Instagram: @rakhisawant151

13. And if she's really feelin' her look that day, she'll give you more of her face because she doesn't save the slayage for personal viewing.

14. She always looks out for herself (and her fans).

15. She is her own hero, her own star, her own role model.

16. She doesn't care who's watching.

17. She sees something she likes and just goes for it.

18. And she has learnt the secret of life: to learn to really laugh at her own ridiculous, unique, hilarious self.