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12 Products You're Definitely Going To Need To Survive This Holi

Rang barse, shopping list bane.

1. This oil to save your well-kept beards from the harsh colours and chemicals. (₹200)

2. This oil to keep your hair from ruining itself on the festival. (₹353)

3. This quick solution to filling balloons to indulge in your (safe) holi pranks. (₹305)

4. This t-shirt for those who can't resist a silly pun and a good high. (₹549)

5. This phone cover to add colour to your overall ~aesthetic~ for the season. (₹448)

6. This complete set of organic colours and soap, sunglasses, t-shirt and balloons to set you up for your day of fun. (₹3,500)

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7. This set of organic holi colours so that you don't have to worry about getting the colour out or unexpected rashes. (₹270)

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8. This pair of safety goggles to keep your eyes secure when playing with all that colour. (₹147)

9. This water gun that comes equipped with a tank so that you can continue playing uninterrupted. (₹399)

10. This water sprinkler so that you can host your own mini rain dance party in the summer. (₹170)

11. This inflatable pool to sneak in a quick pool party and allow a quick refill of your pichkari. (₹549)

12. And finally, this face pack to refresh your skin after some hardcore fun times. (₹773)