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    Here's The Entire Timeline Of Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas's Relationship So Far

    It all started at a Met Gala red carpet last year...

    ICYMI, desi girl Priyanka Chopra is now reportedly engaged to her beau, Nick Jonas.

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    Of course, this just didn't happen overnight, pals. This is a love story that has been brewing for a year. Come join me, and we’ll see how it all unfolded.

    Our first glimpse of this gorgeous couple was at the Met Gala way back in May 2017.

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    But an in-depth investigation on my end uncovered that they’d actually been liking each other’s pictures on Instagram a month earlier.

    The plot thickens.

    After their appearance at the Met Gala sparked rumours of a love story cooking, Priyanka denied it all on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

    By now, EVERYONE wants to know what’s up. Here's Chopra on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

    There was some radio silence for a year after this, BUT they were still liking each other's pictures consistently.

    Cut to 2018 when they were spotted at this baseball game together.

    @priyankachopra and @nickjonas at the #Dodgers game today. 😍

    And later with a bunch of famous friends for the Memorial Day weekend.

    Twitter: @fashionistapc

    Including Wilmer Valderrama, the blonde guy from Glee, the boyfriend from Scream Queens, and Kenneth from 30 Rock????

    Soon after the rumours returned this year, they left super flirty comments on each other's Instagram pictures.

    It was a couple of days after this that they were spotted at a dinner date in Los Angeles seeming "affectionate with each other" on June 1.

    They were later spotted flying into New York, from where they headed for Nick's cousin's wedding.

    Nick and Priyanka looked adorably comfortable with each other at the wedding, which was attended by members of the Jonas family.

    Nick's brother, Kevin, was asked about Priyanka catching up with the Jonases but he remained cryptic about it.

    But, a source did tell People, "Nick and Priyanka really like each other, and his family enjoyed getting to know her as well. She fit right in!"

    They arrived in Mumbai on June 22 and went on a dinner date together with Priyanka's mom, Madhu Chopra.

    Later that night, Nick Jonas posted this adorable video of Priyanka playing in the rain on his story, and captioned it, "Her😍" thus making them ~instagram official~ from his end.

    From Mumbai, they headed to Goa where the couple hung out with her extended family.

    While there, Priyanka posted this photo of Nick and her brother on her story, making them Instagram official from her end too.

    Later, in an interview with People, she said, "We’re getting to know each other and I think it [coming to India] was a great experience for him."

    Even her cousin, Parineeti Chopra, said that the trip was "great" in an interview later that week.

    They returned to Mumbai where they attended businessman Mukesh Ambani's son's pre-engagement party on June 29.

    Sujit Jaiswal / AFP / Getty Images

    They headed for Brazil together, where Nick was performing at the Villamix festival.

    He performed on July 1 and bbgurl PC stood there like the supportive girlfriend she is.

    While there, she also posted this video on her Instagram story captioning it, "Him😍".

    Around this time, it was observed that they were also wearing matching rings.

    Some even claimed that they could possibly be "promise rings".

    They even hung out with Nick's brother, Joe Jonas, and his fiancée, Sophie Turner last week before PriPri's birthday.

    Nick posted this on his story after their double date.

    If reports are to be believed, Nick had shut down a Tiffany's store last week to buy the ring he used to ask for her hand in marriage.

    AND THERE YOU HAVE IT. The fairytale is not at its end but this is how it all went down. You're welcome.

    Congrats, PriPri and Nick! Can't wait for the wedding fanfare to kick in.

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