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The 20 Most Pure And Memorable Moments From The Ed Sheeran Concert In Mumbai

There was a LOT of brilliant music, feels, and the best awkward face ever.

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Here are all the pure, hilarious, and memorable moments from the concert:

1. Ed Sheeran arrived on stage wearing a bright blue kurta with the name of his album, "Divide", written on it in Hindi.

2. After a few songs, he pretended to go off stage but came right back to play "Shape Of You" wearing an India jersey.

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I wondered if it had something to do with Coldplay getting into trouble last year for carrying the Indian flag on stage, but turns out he's been wearing jerseys of the local team wherever he plays on this tour.


3. People got really into it and someone even waved a giant Indian flag during the song.

4. Some fans even came up with cute signs and T-shirts for the show.

5. The organisers were selling drinks in cups instead of bottles or cans, because they were afraid that the audience would throw them at the artists.


8. While Ed usually is a one-man show with his guitar, voice, and loop pedal, he called out his stage carpenter PJ Smith to join him for "How Would You Feel" on the piano.

9. Often during the set, Ed would quit the strings and play the guitar like a goddamn tabla to make music I didn't know was possible to create.


12. In the middle of his final song, "You Need Me, I Don't Need You", the man really brought the house down by rapping, beatboxing, guitar slamming AND playing guitar tabla DURING THE SAME SONG.

"You Need Me, I Don't Need You" live is a delight tbh.

14. At some point in his set opening act Lauv's guitar string broke (for the first time on tour, he said) BUT HE PICKED IT UP AGAIN AND PLAYED IT ANYWAY.

Lauv continued playing his set even with a broken string.


17. While playing "Don't" from his previous album, he suddenly broke into "New Man" from his new one to create a beautiful mashup we didn't know we needed.


19. And, of course, it seems that we never really learn about cleanliness because here's ONE MORE concert that ended with people not picking up after themselves.

So sad to see this at #edsheeranMumbai today. People can afford tickets worth Rs. 4750, but don’t know where to thr…

It's 2017. Global warming is real and we're all dying, but cleaning up after ourselves is a habit we refuse to learn. Smdh.

20. Some did go back and help clean up, but the point is that we need to do better to begin with.

Customers picking up trash post #EdSheeran Concert. Mumbai rocks 🤘🏼 // video recorded by @bookmyshow promoter at…