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    This School Goes Door-To-Door, To Roads, Railway Stations To Educate Children

    "We want to be a voice of migrant children and be a part of policy decisions taken for these children."

    Welcome to the Door Step School.

    Door Step School

    Started in 1988 with a small slum in Cuffe Parade, Ranjani Paranjpe and Bina Lashkari went from door to door, speaking to parents and asking their children to join their school.

    Door Step School

    The reason the school is named so is because it literally takes the school to children's doorsteps.

    Door Step School

    Be it marketplaces, pavements, construction sites, railway stations and even in a school on wheels that they run — they're up and about by 9:30 A.M and continue till 5 P.M.

    Door Step School

    They even have an intervention programme for government schools called "Project Grow With Books" where they run reading classes at the schools for 70-90 minutes.

    They deal with around 70,000 students every year in wards across Pune and Mumbai with a staff of around 1,000 teachers.

    Door Step School

    "We select a site depending on the requirement and logistics, then we find out funding support and start a new site then conduct survey of families and identify children who are divided on two groups children attending school and not attending school and enroll them under appropriate program," Paranjpe told BuzzFeed.

    "We want to be a voice of migrant children and be a part of policy decisions taken for these children," a representative told BuzzFeed.

    Door Step School

    "We plan to expand wherever we get NGOs to partner with. We would also want to share knowledge and experiences with other NGOs and create a network," she added.

    Know more about them in the video here:

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