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    This Kid Was Teased For Wearing Lipstick, So His Cousins Put Some On To Stand Up For Him

    Crushing gender norms should be a prescribed family activity.

    This is 22-year-old Allahabad resident, Diksha Bijlani and her little cousin she calls "Little Cuz".

    Facebook: diksha.bijlani

    Little Cuz admitted to her that he loves putting on lipstick, nail polish, and feels like trying on skirts too sometimes.

    One day, Little Cuz wanted to try on a lipstick that his mom was discarding only to be asked by a family member, "Are you trying to be a chakka?" and mocked some more.

    Facebook: diksha.bijlani

    "He hid under the bed and pressed his lips, afraid that we are all mad at him for it," Bijlani told BuzzFeed.

    Bijlani and her brother saw this happening and decided to cheer him up by applying some lipstick on themselves.

    Once Little Cuz saw all the cousins putting on lipstick, his "comfort meter went up slowly with time.. and in a while he was flaunting the lipstick to other people in the house."

    Bijlani posted about the incident on Facebook only to receive a lot of love in return.

    "His mother smiled and called him 'my doll'. His brother teased him, but was appalled when he saw my brother (whom he idolises) wearing it. He stopped teasing after that," Bijlani told BuzzFeed.

    A day later, Bijlani posted this heartwarming update to the already adorable story.

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